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When evaluating the site, we put forward a number of criteria for it: it should be pleasant for the eye and have a clear structure and easy navigation. The site theme should be clear from at first view. All this can be achieved if web design is created the right way. To this end, it is necessary to act in stages. Let us work out what we should start with, and at what issues should be given special attention

The end justifies the means
It is very important at the beginning of work to determine the goals pursued during the development of the project. Because it is these goals that justify the way the site is going to look like. It can be a corporate, online store, landing page or a simple business card website. Are you developing an introductory, selling or an information resource? Which actions will users perform on the site? - these and many other questions need to be answered in a clear way. Sometimes, a person who is unfamiliar with web-technologies finds it quite difficult to do this on their own. In this case, a professional webstudio comes to the rescue, which will help you to sort everything out and make a choice.

Subject and choice of concept
At this stage, it is necessary to analyse the competitors’ sites and to determine the future concept of your subject project. In this matter, we focus primarily on the subject of a web resource, because in the future, when someone visits a page, they will immediately be able to assess whether this resource is exactly what they were looking for or whether they should continue their search. In other words, if the scope of activities is not understood immediately, or leads away from the goal, it will significantly reduce the effectiveness of your website.

Evaluating the external design, we cannot help paying attention to the functional part since they are inextricably linked. All the details included by the designer in the layout will be subsequently implemented technically. Therefore, thinking about the beauty of the site that is, about its web-design, let us not forget about its functional part.

When choosing a concept, you should understand that those techniques and methods that work well in the case of a landing page will not work for an online store, or it will simply out of place on a serious corporate website of the company. Therefore, if you want to be confident about success of the work entrust the web design to professionals.

Uniformity of style
When developing layouts, it is desirable to adhere to one style, which will help to make the site look stylish and well thought-out. Speaking of a uniform design, we mean that if, for example, style minimalism has been chosen, no more than two different fonts and no more than two or three primary colors should be used. For bolder and brighter solutions, you may use three or four fonts and different color combinations. The main thing is not to deviate from the overall tone.

One should not forget about another important criterion – the adaptability , which has become indispensable.
When creating a mobile version in prototyping, designers usually emphasize convenience and readability rather than aesthetic beauty. Extra visual effects will only impede the user perception.
Selection of successful color solutions, thematic photos and many other tasks can only be done by experienced web designers, so feel free to contact professionals who will successfully cope with all these tasks.
To sum it up, we want to emphasize that an effective design – пalways produces the expected effect and achieves the set goals. And it does not matter which style of a web design you choose, if you take into account all the above points.

Эффективный web-дизайн

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