Разработка сайта для бизнеса

Own web-resource allows establishing new connections, profitable cooperation, studying the competition market, saving financial investments and successful development of a field of activity. Going online allows you to create a truly strong brand. The Internet enables you to create a positive image of your organization, to expand the consumer base, to attract new customers, to establish a well-developed communication system with users quickly and more easily.

Developing a web project for business
Developing a website is a time consuming and responsible business. Web developers face a number of important tasks. A website is the face of a company. Success of a business hinges on the quality of a site design and content and site user friendliness. Selling web-sites are mainly chosen by small and large businesses.

Development of a web resource includes the following tasks:
1) selection of a structure, themes, functionality and general appearance of a future site in its various forms such as a business card, an information portal, or an online store;
2) creation of a domain and a logo;
3) creation of a design that attracts visitors;
4) creation of a user-friendly interface and an easy control panel;
5) creation of information targeting a specific audience and relevance of topics to user needs;
6) posting of content: photos, videos, catalogues of goods, useful publications, contact information;
7) regular updates;
8) ensuring round-the-clock access;
9) technical compliance with requirements and recommendations of search engines;
10) settings adjustment to resolution of smartphones and mobile phones screens;
11) advertising tools;
12) competent SEO-promotion in the Internet.

Mutual cooperation between the contractor and the customer allows the web-studio «Friendly» to create web-resources efficiently and in the shortest time possible.

How we implement the project
The website creation scheme consists of the following steps:
• provision by the client of specific, complete information for uploading;
• preparation of a technical assignment;
• processing and placement of texts and graphics;
• implementation of the overall design;
• layout;
• approval of a layout and changes;
• resource uploading to the Internet.

In addition to creating a web resource, Web Studio “Friendly” provides warranty support, professional support, regular information updates, contextual advertising tools and SEO promotion.

Taking into account requirements for adaptability and ease of a web resource viewing on all types of devices and different browsers.

After testing all parameters of a resource and uploading goods, it is important to constantly increase quote rates of your resource on the Internet. It can be done best by creating accounts in popular social networks and messengers. By informing users about new products, promotions and other updates to the site.

To create a visual design, we recommend the services of our professional webstudio designers. Taking into account your wishes and needs, we will offer a creative and exclusive solution of the page design.

Разработка бизнес сайта

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